Jewellery Care

We want your jewellery to maintain its shine. Here are some jewellery after care tips


Storage and general care

Our made to order jewellery is made with Sterling Silver and 9ct solid Gold. We also work in Platinum and Palladium with bespoke orders, Platinum and Palladium are naturally white metals and do not tarnish however the following cleaning tips will help maintain your jewellery.

Sterling silver is prone to tarnish, our concept of 'every day essential wear jewellery' benefits your jewellery as this limits tarnish.

Remove jewellery before using harsh chemicals like chlorine as this may discolour and damage your jewellery. Avoid contact with Sterling Silver, semi precious gemstones, Opal and Pearls in particular.

Our jewellery is delicate and handmade with care, avoid wearing jewellery to bed to prevent broken chains. Also avoid wearing your jewellery through intensive activity i.e the gym.

When jewellery is not worn, store your jewellery in an air tight plastic wallet.



Use warm soapy water (washing up liquid) and a soft tooth brush to brighten and clean jewellery with gemstones or diamonds.

To keep the metal bright and shiny, use a lint free cloth. Our tote bags come with a silver cloth that works great on both Silver and Gold jewellery.

We do offer a cleaning service, get in touch for a deep clean and polish service.