Remodel your jewellery

Remodeling your jewellery is a great way of holding onto family history and sentimental value. Vintage and inherited jewellery can be beautiful, however, may not always suit your personal style. Remodelling gives you an opportunity to be creative and honour loved ones. We remodelled this clients gold into a versatile large link chain with a matching bracelet.

  • Where to start

    It all starts with an idea. Let us know the weight of your jewellery collection. If you have scales, weigh your jewellery and let us know the total weight along with clear and detailed images of the jewellery you'd like remodelled. Not all jewellery will be fit for the job so we will let you know what is possible with the jewellery you have. Please be sure to know which items you'd like remodeled as once your jewellery is melted down, we cannot replace it.

  • What do I need?

    After an initial discussion about what's achievable with your jewellery, we will need to see your jewellery to sieve through and examine your collection. You can either post your jewellery to us via Special Delivery or arrange to meet with Jade. If we feel some of your jewellery isn't fit to melt down, you will be informed and your jewellery will be returned to you.

  • What to expect

    All remodels are completed in our local workshop. Remodels can take between 4 - 12 weeks depending on the design. Any jewellery that is left over after the remodel will be returned to you. This may be in the form of gold grain or gold cut offs. We will inform you in advance of the gold required for the job. If you do not have enough material, we can source and provide more to fulfil the design. We do advise you have an idea of your starting weight, you lose grams during the refining stages so please bear this in mind (your final weight of your new jewellery will differ to your starting weight). Have a budget in mind, a common misconception of using your own jewellery is that it will keep the costs down. This isn't always the case. Budgets and costs will be discussed right at the beginning of your consultation.

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Make use of your diamonds

We will do our best to reuse every element of your existing jewellery. Not all components can be re-used, this is dependant on the condition of your jewellery. This is where our expertise comes in. We can help identify what jewellery can be used and what is achievable with the jewellery you have. Get in touch if this service is something you'd like to learn more about.

Please share as many photos of your jewellery as you can when you get in touch for remodels. Also include your gold weights.

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