Jewellery remodels

Remodeling your jewellery is a great way of retaining significance, family history and sentimental value in our lives. Creating a more modern piece to last another 20+years will make you fall in love all over again. Sometimes the jewellery we deem valuable or significant are simply out of date, doesn't fit or broken or just isn't practical. We can work with you to design and make a beautiful new piece jewellery using your gold, diamonds/ gemstones. 

Where to start?

It all starts with an idea! Tell us what you have in mind and we can help you reach your ideal designs and create something beautiful. Bespoke remodels can take up to 12 weeks depending on the design. Not all remodels will be accepted so an initial consultation will be scheduled for you to understand the full process and what is expected. Please be sure to know which items you'd like remodeled as once your jewellery is melted down, we cannot replace it.

What do I need?

Simply get in touch by filling the contact form below, send us images of your jewellery. Weight is also important, it's helpful for us to know how much gold you have to begin with as this is let us know exactly what we're working with and what's possible. More materials can be added if a design requires more however we will work to your budget and requirements.

What to expect

All remodels are completed in our local workshop. Progress videos and images will be recorded, we appreciate letting go of family heirlooms as they are can be difficult. However, our remodeling process and extensive workshop experience will re-ensure the final design will continue to hold value for many years to come.


jwllry by jade, remodel your jewellery, recycled wedding rings

Gold two-tone wedding ring handmade using clients Mother's rings


jwllry by jade

Handmade platinum fitted wedding ring using clients Mother's diamonds (client images)


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